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We're not in Kansas anymore.

Vivid Labs is a portal to the latest products and services currently in development.

Take some time to explore the new technologies below and then talk to us about how your business can become an early adopter of some of these amazing advancements.

Services we're developing:


Web SMS Send single or bulk SMS from any computer at super cheap rates.
A private login to manage your computer to mobile communication.


SMS Gateway Integrate automatic messaging via email and SMS from your website to your customers.
Instantly send to a single contact or to a bulk group at super cheap rates.


Location Aware Websites Location aware websites will ask the browser if they want to share their current
location. This will enable you to deliver more relevant services and information
based on your audiences location.

Current projects:

Auge Shop An online store for Auge Ristorante suppling fine italian wares straight from the cucina.

Dentistry Shop An online store for those hard to find and specialised dentistry and periodontics items. iPhone & iPad App iPhone & iPad app for finding the latest deals and discounts in Australia.

First Choice Flooring Website




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