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Digital Strategy - It's never mattered more.

The web, search, email and social media have become the critical tools every business has to get right.

As a specialist digital media agency we have spent years consulting in this environment. Helping retail, commercial, professional services and other walks of life find the right digital strategy for their market.

Building websites both standard and mobile, finding new ways to connect with customers, to creating information that gets them discovered in Google. Digital strategies start with customer insight and may finish with websites, mobile, social media, integrated SMS and much more. There are many tools to choose from and we’ll work with you to select the right ones.

The creation of a successful digital strategy requires the understanding of how technology and marketing can effectively work together. Things never stop changing and it's a competition between you and everyone else to adapt and change to achieve the better market position.

Just having a website does not qualify as a digital strategy.

Built it and they will come...
If only that was enough.
Ensure your digital strategy pays for itself.

Digital Strategy Development

Current Environment

Research marketplace

Digital Strategy document

Digital Strategy Plan

Do we need a website?

Yes you do. Depending if you are a new or existing business and the size of you project the path ahead is varied.

To make it easy and make sure you arrive at your destination, complete the project checklist form. This will give us an understanding of where you are at and where you want to go.

Should we cater for mobile devices?

Mobile phones, they are the new computer. Yes all serious players who want to be know and enable their customers should have a mobile enabled website.

Should your mobile enabled website serve a special purpose, not just replicate your full website? Maybe you need a mobile application (iPhone etc) or mobile micro site. There many options, lets explore the right one for you.

How do we increase our businesses digital presence?

Sales, special offers, direct marketing, online sales, e-marketing, newsletters, SMS, Google Adwords...

So many marketing options are available. An essential ingredient in your digital strategy plan is internet marketing. Read more about internet marketing.

We want to be able to SMS our customers

Email is old school, get your message straight to the palm of your customers hand. Promotions or fantastic customer service - SMS is a great way to go and it's cheap! Not like those crazy mobile phone carrier prices.

Get in contact with us and lets talk about how we can integrate SMS into your existing business processes and website.

We need to market to our existing customers

A current customer should be cherished, love your customers via newsletters, social media, forums, blog's etc.

Get in contact with us and lets talk about how we can get increase repeat business and sales from your existing customer base.




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