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A 'domain' name is the technical term for the ‘address’ of a particular website on the internet. Think of it as your website's street address. The domain name tells your browser (ie. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.) where to find your website.

Typically domain names are followed by a suffix like '.com' or ''. For businesses in Australia, your 'domain' name should generally be in this format:

You can't have a website without a domain name and each domain name can only be used once. Talk to us about choosing the right domain name for your new website.

The right domain name:

What are my options?

Your domain name can (in most cases) be anything you like provided it is followed by a valid suffix. The most common suffixes are: .com,, .net,, .org, or .biz

Certain characters like numbers, symbols ($, %, # etc.) or punctuation are not allowed.

Contact us if you are unsure which domain suffix you should be using.

.com or

In Australia, domain names are good for your business, however registration of a .com is king!

Depending on your digital and business strategy, you may find it advantageous to register your domain name as a .com and

Mistakes or assumptions

Using an abbreviation, can your business name be spelt differently or mis-spelt easily? Register different permitations of your domain name so you capture all your intended traffic. The we can point them all to your one website.

Legal requirements

To register a or domain, you must be an Australian registered company or business with a registered business number (ABN, BRN, BN).

Your business must be registered for business in Australia, this means registering your business or company name with one of the official Government Authorities (ie. ASIC, State Dept. of Fair Trading, or alternatively by obtaining an Australian Business Number (ABN) from the ATO).

Your domain name should be either an exact match, acronym or abbreviation of the registered business name, or it should bear a close and substantial connection.

Cover user error

Is your business name sometimes abbreviated? Can your business name be spelt differently or misspelt easily? Register different versions of your domain name so you capture all your potential traffic. We can direct any addresses you like straight to your primary website address.

Register domain names





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