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We can help you with:

Website Design

A professional-looking website has become central to every progressive business's public image. To make sure your website is working its hardest for you. more...

Website Development

The Web development process is the next step after a final design from the web designer. Including the writing of code, website functionality and testing the finished product's usability. The design, programming and implementation of databases, e-commerce facilities and much much more is all handled by the web developer. more...

Domain Name Registration

What is a domain name? It's a technical term for the ‘address’ of a particular website on the internet, the domain name tells your browser where to look to access the pages you want to see. more...

Website Hosting

You live in a home yes? Well so does your website. A web hosting package gives you a comfy space on the internet for your website. Give your website a nice home.

There are many consderations where your website should live, let Vivid Creative sort it out for you.more...

Payment Integration

Got a website but need to accept payments online?


Online Shopping

Why only be open from nine to five? Why only sell your wares to the locals?

Expand your customer base and open your next showroom online and not be limited to foot traffic!

Online Business & Applications

Is your business idea or current business an online business? We have the experience to build the front and back of house of your business, no matter how complex.

Vivid Creative can build custom solutions to satisfy all your business requirements, such as ordering, invoicing, administration, and much more. If you can think it we can do it (within reason of course!) more...

Content Management

Want to be your own web master and be able to simply maintain your own website?

A content management system will let you do this.

Website Maintenance

Already have a website? Want some changes or updates? We'll give it the love and attention it deserves.

Website Marketing

So you have your website, how do you get people to find it?

There are many ways Vivid Creative can help your business become a success. Make sure your marketing expenditure pays for itself! more...


Depending on the complexity of your website or online business you may need or benefit from a database.

Intelligent database design is not childsplay. Vivid Creative has the IT backbround and experience to ensure your data is safe, scalable for growth and stored correctly.

Private Logins

Have some information or features you want only authenticated visitors to see or do?

A private login integrated into your site enables you to grant access to your visitors and know who they are and what they are doing.


Want to let your visitors get custom directions to your business, want to generate a map automatically from an inputted address?

There are many ways we can produce and use maps in your website or online application.

Blog / Forum / Chat

Engage and hold onto your website visitors with relevant discussions, announcements, news or even live online chat.

Reduce your administration workload by creating an online knowledgebase or faq.

Social Network Integration

Instantly announce your news or anything you wish to all your followers, friends, collegues and customers.

Don't just rely on newsletter mailouts, emails or visitors to your website. Put the word out there!

SMS Services

Email is old-school why not get your message right to the palm of their hand, use SMS to keep your customers in the know!

Software Development

Large or small, simple or complex... Why buy expensive software that does not satisfy all your needs, build your own and generate your own intellectual property that you can profit from!more...

Branding & Identity

Brand Identity design is the graphical representation of a product or company's brand positioning. A company’s brand identity starts with the creation of the brand logo, and is typically integrated throughout all the elements of a company’s materials such as business cards, stationary, packaging, media advertising, promotions, signage, web site and more. more...

In business, having a memorable brand and website is no longer a choice,
it's a necessity.

As a business owner, you need to meet your customers needs and exceed their expectations at every opportunity.

Vivid Creative can tailor a complete solution to help you do this. See how your business can benefit from working with us below.

Credibility You can find anything online. You have to be there and look sharp if you want credibility in the modern world.

Unlimited opportunities Sales, special offers, direct marketing, online sales, e-marketing, newsletters - sell your business 24/7.


Tyre kickers A huge percentage of shoppers will research a business or product before making contact. Capture their attention and make their choice easy.

Giant shop window Getting customers through the door is the most important step toward making a sale. Your website is your virtual shop front - make your customers feel welcome.


Spread the love Maintain and grow relationships with existing clients and use this to keep them coming back.

Help from your friends Team up with partners or suppliers to generate extra traffic and make life easier for your customers by linking to each others sites.


Be memorable A strong brand and plethora of online services will keep your business on top of your competitors. Be the first choice.

Your shop window It's pretty hard to capture foot traffic from a high-rise, so make sure people know where you are and what you do.


Show off Build a virtual showroom that highlights your capabilities, services, projects and skills.

Future proof Build a stable online environment that will grow with your business. Build a soild foundation and the sky is the limit.


Streamlined business 24 hour access to your company information with intranet, private logins for workflow and document distribution.

Work together Connect your internal business software and processes with the online world.




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