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Web development is the next step after a final design presented from the web designer is approved by the client. A developers role includes writing the code which makes everything appear, testing website functionality and testing the finished product's usability. The design, programming and implementation of databases, e-commerce facilities and much much more is all handled by the web developer.

As experienced professionals, we are able to work with an existing website design and/or external website designers if you have already made steps towards building your online presence.

Web development considerations.

A search box on your website

Your existing and potential customers should be able to easily find what they are looking for on your website or they will give up and go elsewhere.

By integrating a search facility on your site all of your digital files on your site (documents, website pages, etc) can be searched via a keyword, the results are returned and raked for relevance to the search term, just like Google.

You can even insert custom results into every search to promote things to your audience.

Search engine optomisation (SEO)

The way your website is structured, coded and copywrited is very very important. If not done correctly, your website will not perform as it should on search engines. This ultimately results in less revenue!

A professional web development process uses search optimisation techniques (SEO) thus enabling you to be ranked well in the top search engines.

Mobile devices

Mobile devices (phones, tablets, iPad, iPhone, iPod etc) are the new computer. Yes all serious players who want to be know and enable their customers should have a mobile enabled website.

Should your mobile enabled website serve a special purpose, not just replicate your full website? Maybe you need a mobile application (iPhone etc) or mobile micro site. There many options, lets explore the right one for you.

Push Messaging - SMS

Get your message straight to the palm of your customers hand. Whether it be a promotion or just fantastic customer service - SMS is a great way to go and it's cheap!

Your website can automatically SMS your mailing list at your command, or inform them of the progress of their order. Keep them happy and they will come back.

Get in contact with us and lets talk about how we can integrate SMS into your existing business processes and website.

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