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The mobile web

We are a firm believer that the ‘mobile web’ - a phrase used to loosely represent ‘accessing web content on a mobile device’ - is the biggest thing since sliced bread. More people worldwide have access to a mobile phone than a PC, and that means only one thing: More people to access, manipulate, use, and expend the web content you’ve worked so hard to create.

At Vivid Creative we can analyse current and future technologies relevant to mobile web content, confront the limitations of existing mobile devices, and discover methods for exploiting the unique opportunities afforded by mobility and its devices, both current and future.

2.7 Billion mobile users

A web article by Tomi Ahonen, ‘Putting 2.7 Billion in Context: Mobile Phone Users’* is required reading for anyone considering a foray into mobile content, especially fence-sitters unsure about making the leap. Ahonen's lengthy but discerning article compares mobile phone penetration to that of the car, the telephone, the TV, and other forms of ubiquitous technology.

The thrust of Ahonen’s article is comparing common technologies used in everyday life in many parts of the world, the number of years available to consumers, and worldwide usage shown below.**

Automobile 100 800 million
PC 30 850 million
Landline Phone 110 1.3 billion
TV 60 1.5 billion
Mobile Phone 35 2.7 billion

**Rough estimates are provided only for the sake of comparison.

Credit to: Mobile Web Design by Cameron Moll.

Is mobile important? Over 2.7 billion mobile users - 3 times the number of computer users.
Yes mobile is super important!


What are my options:

Mobilise your website

Your website may be able to be 'tweaked' for improved display on mobile devices.

Build a dedicated mobile site

Really present your web content how a mobile user wants to see it. With handset detection we can customise what your browsers see and do according to their mobile devices' capabilities.

Mobile application

The App stoes are popping up everywhere - nokia, apple, blackberry, andriod...

You've seen the ads on tv - an application can take advantage of features like GPS, accelerometers, gaming, camera, video and more.

This is content delivery at its best.




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