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Good internal and employee communication are vital to the success of any business.

To empower your people with the tools and information they need, all you need is an intranet or extranet.

What is an intranet?

An intranet is a website that is not for public viewing.

Your intranet will only be accessed within your existing private office - ie. within a Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) behind a an existing security provision, such as a firewall. This typically covers people in your business with desk-based jobs.

So, what is an extranet?

If you have staff who need to access your private intranet content from a location physically outside the office (home, a mobile device, a public internet kiosk or cafe) you need an extranet. Its the same as an intranet but it can be accessed from an external location securely.


Why invest in an intranet or extranet?

Are you doing more than your fair share of printing just to communicate with other staff members? Move all this data online into a private intranet and you’ll save money, time and improve staff communication while cutting down a lot less trees.

Intranets allow for easy access to company documents, which can be easily updated and distributed with a few keystrokes.

But is it secure?

Both intranets and extranets can be password protected which makes content much more secure than any printed equivalent which can get left in a cafe, car backseat or photocopier.

Varying levels of security can be adopted from a generic password for all to individual passwords for each user. Each user can have a specific access level, thus restricting and allowing information to the people who need it.

There may be ‘everyone’ content, but also ‘departmental content’ or ‘board director only’ content.

Open the lines of communication

Intranets and extranets are used heavily for compliance and information purposes, more and more businesses are using their online communication for a broad variety of functions:

  • Email and SMS to push content
  • Divisional or geographic self-administered micro sites
  • Training, compliance, inductions, examinations and membership
  • Internal messaging forums and blogs
  • Collection centres for ideas and questions to leadership
  • Knowledge base for key procedural information and frequently asked questions

Your intranet or extranet can be as diverse and versatile as the most complex website.

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